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obama gives his first major interview since his debate performance that helped mitt romney close the spread in several battleground states. the president called in to the tom joiner radio show vowing, quote, more activity next time around and offering up a candid assessment of what he thinks went wrong. >> the debate, i think, it's fair to say i was just too poli polite. because, you know, it's hard to sometimes just keep saying what you're saying. it gets repeptive. >> another interview getting attention this hour. if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen or the sand box as ann romney is saying. in an interview of her own, she reacts to the president and supporters accusing her president of lying in last week's performance of last week's debate. >> it is sort of like someone, you know, in the sand box that lost the game and just going to kick sand in someone's face and say you liar. it is like they lost. and so now they say, we didn't like the game. >>> and tomorrow night's vp debate is expected to be no child's play in any sandbox. joe biden and paul ryan scheduled to
you have the real romney in the debate, versus the real obama, versus the manufactured messiah that we have been led to believe he is. we have the real guy with the real record, versus the guy with the real concrete plans. they are horrified because this is substantive and it is not going to go back. i don't think obama can recover, major things in the debates coming up? >> that's an excellent analysis. juan? >> i must say -- >> i am thrilled david that you are so convinced that it's over-- >>> i don't think it's over. >> but i must say, i remember being on this show just a week ago and sean was telling me about a left-wing conspiracy to skew the polls. now the polls are golden-- >>> let me answer that. >> now we love the polls. the polls are wonderful. >> sean: stop spinning. [laughter] >> sean: i am glad you are cracking yourself up, juan. hang on. let me help educate out polls. >> yes, thanks. >> sean: the pew poll is using a democratic sample method that still out-samp lipping democrats by a margin higher than obama had in 2008, which nobody believes is going to happen! and still,
categorÍa, obama bajÓ de 55 a 49% despuÉs del debate. >>> esto no quiere decir que estÁn a punto de votar por romney nos quiere decir que peligrosamente para el presidente obama, lo estÁn considerando. >>> las mujeres son las columna vertebral del apoyo al mandatario por el debate revelÓ que es el respaldo es vulnerable. >>> estaba convencida por obama, pero me gusta el otro candidato porque la economÍa es un nombre que respondiÓ lo que tenÍa que responder. >>> se cumpliÓ el apoyo femenino aumentÓ de 42 a 48% para romney. en comparaciÓn al presidente que tenÍa el 62% en septiembre bajÓ al 51. >>> el salto que vimos de la popularidad de romney, fue que de repente las mujeres quede zain, yo no voy a votar por este tipo que es extremista de repente vieron una persona que no pareciÓ ser extremista. >>> la imagen proyectada por romney la semana pasada de no ser tan duro. fue gracia las familia, los hijos y la esposa del candidato ann insistieron que ingresara a sus raÍces moderadas y no fuera tan rÍgido. >>> romney ganÓ terreno entre los jÓvenes y obama perdio apoyo. la mayorÍa
was a better actor in the debate than president obama so all of a sudden he cares about the 47% because he's found a new public persona? this is a load of crap. don't get fooled into thinking mitt romney is actually the better candidate. he's a horrible candidate! the fact that president obama laid down in that debate drives me crazy. now, second number of 47 is unrelated but also happens to be 47. he was 47th in job creation among 50 states when he was the governor of massachusetts. on what grounds does mitt romney talk about job creation. you didn't create jobs under bain or when you were government of massachusetts. jobs, what are you talking about jobs for? you don't know anything about jobs, 47 out of 50 and we're in a fight with this guy? he's leading now? you're kidding me! part of the reason is progressives are more honest than conservatives. when conservatives lose a debate oh, no, we won we won. i don't care, we won. what do liberals do, they said you're right we lost. >> president obama was not prepared for his huge debate. this isn't about left, right good or bad it's about com
's interview, it's sympt symptomatic of what's been going on with the obama campaign. at the debate you had 70 million people get an unfiltered look and you heard barack obama unable to explain what has really happened over the last for years, nor lay out any real rationale for a second term and they saw an energetic mitt romney brimming with ideas, pretty focused, and extremely competent. as far as the tax plan, look, he has said he will not pass a tax plan that is not deficit neutral. he's been very clear about this. his principles are do not change or modify the share of taxes paid at the upper income level, reduce the tax burden on the middle income level, cut rates across the board, particularly so you can create a more welcoming environment for small businesses, reduce the tax burden on small businesses, which are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of employment in this country, and you can do a lot of this by generating growth, getting rid of deductions, getting rid of a lot of the credits, getting rid of a lot of the loopholes and that is the plan he will put forward to cong
the debate. that is now shortened to just 4%, 51-47. it's getting tight, isn't it? president obama cannot afford to have -- >> that's just one poll. >> sorry? >> right. that's in the cnn poll. but there are a lot of other polls out there. we feel good about where we are on the ground, particularly in ohio. as a result of what the president did on the auto bailout, let's remember, mitt romney opposed that. what we've done to increase opportunities for kids to get education, let's remember mitt romney wants to cut that. so at every turn, you know, the president is moving america forward, including ohio forward. mitt romney wants to take us back. >> you guys decided that the best line of defense was attack after debate and say basically yes, mitt romney had a good debate but it was all a pack of lies. and he actually responded to the main lie allegation which is this thing that he's going to be apparently charging a $5 trillion tax cut to the american people, and you've got a -- not personally by name, but we now know it was you. let's just play a clip of this and see what your reaction is.
romney is all about. he will do that again at the next debate. it will be a debate where president obama will do well, i'm sure, because it's a town hall-type debate. he likes those. but mitt romney will do when he did in the last one, setting the record straight and letting the american people know where he stands. the more he does that, the better we do in ohio. the polls are great, but what i am senszing on the ground, the undecided voters are hearing what mitt romney's actually for, rather than seeing the tv ads and the obama administration has a very different approach. the obama campaign has been beating us on the airwaves and putsing a lot more money in ohio and the same is true in virginia and florida. but now folks are hearing straight from mitt romney, unfiltered. to the extent that continues, we doll very well. >> greta: in terms of preparing it, did you do mock debates, spend hours studying materials? how is it done? very few people have prepared for a presidential debate? >> honestly, i don't think it's as much about the preparation as the candidate. mitt romney -- took it s
how to debate. >> the romney campaign's aggression highlights president obama's lack of aggression during the last debate. i spoke with obama supporters who were still puzzled by whooi the president just didn't take it to romney on a number of issues and do it with force. he has good reason to do so. there will be other opportunities. the hidden 47% video, those comments still are a huge weakness for mitt romney. pollsters gave advice to the obama team about how voters perceived the video. the 47% critique is very important because it says that romney doesn't understand their lives. they are looking for him to offer things that will impact their lives. mitt romney still has a difficult time answering for his comments. he was pressed about them today on cnn. >> i think it's always a pairless course for a candidate to start talking about the mathemati mathematicsover the election. it's abc how to get 100% of the americans to have a more bright and prosperous future. >> with the race neck and neck, all eyes turned to the presidential debate on thursday night. joe biden has the opportu
the middle class hard. you have to be honest about this. the debate hurt obama and helped romney, and romney's gotten a bump in the polls, although it seems to be flattening out. you look at the new poll in ohio, the president is at 51%, romney is at 47%. i think the president, the fundamental structure of the race hasn't been changed, but if he doesn't go on the attack, if biden doesn't do a good job against ryan, and if the president doesn't show up and isn't strong in the second debate, then you're going to have a tossup race. >> well, i would disagree with your approach, first of all. i don't approach it that way. that's going back and relegating all the old arguments. in spirit what i would do, unlike shrumy, i would take the big issue that is separating the candidates, don't get into the little trench warfare about what's your tax plan and where were you on medicare two weeks ago. i would say where did you stand on saving the american auto industry? you had one position, i had another position. where are you on equal pay? republicans are against equal pay by law. these are big differen
the debate, the ground swell of romney winning was bigger and bigger. i think that will widen. >> obama's been on defense and he is going down in the polls. >> we have polling data now that shows romney ahead, wherever he is ahead, i think hebe he has been ahead for months or weeks. i don't think it happened overnight. they're all saying rom no is surging. >> he was on the stage with the president of the united states. he looked like he was in command. he was in charge of the entire discussion. i think that's the reason the polls are tightening right now. >> i told you three months ago, two months ago and one month ago, if the election were held on taday twould be a landslide romney itch the faces are the facts. we just saw them come to light in the last debate. with no outside b.s., no biased media, no interruptions or negative political ads, and no damn teleprompters. >> the debate is not just... shifting the polls. the debate is creating momentum. >> this business of just going out and calling a candidate for the president of the united states a liar... just say liar, liar, this is a
to sigh he got a big bounce from his debate performance compared to president obama from the convention? >> that's right. the good month that obama had had between the convention and the 47% tape, you're now seeing the race as close as it's been all year. i'm a little skeptical it's tied now based on the fact that obama still seems to have a lead in the majority of swing state polls that we have seen. but romney who looked like his campaign might be dead in the water, now it's very close. maybe the debate was the october surprise. although it wouldn't be the first time a challenger did well in the first televised debate. >> what about the size and the speed of the swings that you're seeing right now? what can you tell us about the volatility in the race compared to previous elections? >> there's a lot of disagreement on the turnout model. the gallup poll has 5 points better. others have that smaller. so it seems like obama would even today win an election if everyone registered to vote turned out or certainly all adults. but based on the republican ent
, president obama sat down for his first tv interview after the debate. it's with diane sawyer. we have this clip. >> governor romney is saying there is no abortion legislation that is part of his agenda. your campaign has called that a lie. >> obama: well look, diane this is another example of governor romney hiding on a position he has been campaigning for a year half. >> is it a lie? >> obama: i think his position when it comes to women's rights to control their own healthcare decisions, you know, what he has been saying is exactly what he believes. he thinks that it is appropriate for politicians to inject themselves in those decisions. >> cenk: get to it, already. get to it, jay yeah, who can believe this-- >> barack obama. >> cenk: yeah, yeah, i hope he gets better than that. thank you, michael. when we come back, ryan gets into a contentious interview. >> you do that with a big tax cuts. >> those are your words not mine. >> thank you very much sir. >> yes. >> that was kind of strange. >> cenk: now i'll break that down and tell you the strategy that they have for these debates. it
at the debate, mr. obama taught us all a new word. choke. mr. obama is the president of the united states. a very important job. you have to make big decisions and you're in charge of a lot of people for four years. >> mr. romney, i think you made a mistake. i think you mean eight years. >> you see, kids, mr. obama just did something called using your imagination. >> hello, mr. romney. meow. >> now, kids, don't be alarmed. this puppet isn't real. look. this is bill. he's a union worker. you pay him with your tax dollars so that can he crouch down with a sock in his hand and make silly voices. you disgust me. but before i go, remember, there's only one person in the world that's like you and that's you. people can like you exactly the way you are. but if they don't, then just pretend to be the sxabt opposite of what you are and then maybe they'll like you. >> but doesn't that undermine your original -- >> bill, you're fired. >> jimmy fallon. still ahead, why are you awake? your tweets, texts are next. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. a powerful
. 12 years later, his first national debate, so to speak, came against president obama at the house republican conference retreat in 2010. >> i serve as a ranking member of the budget committee. the spending bills that you have signed into law, the domestic discretionary spending has been increased by 84%. >> the obama campaign hopes he gets lost in the weeds and that biden can cut through the numbers and have a break through moment. >> and i was trying to get this discussion about entitlements in our debt crisis at an adult level. >> an adult level conversation to invest social security in wall street. if that had happened in the last couple of years paul, it would have ended the protection that people have in the twilight of their life, as you know it. >> they have the option of having the same -- >> your social security is the same as everybody else's in the entire country and you know it. >> expect more smiles than eye rolling -- when he gave the president a six-minute lecture that quickly went viral. >> the senate budget committee chairman said that this is a ponzi scheme that
. it was a throw-away line in last wednesday's debate. president obama made a central focus of the campaign. "wall street journal" out with an editorial out, big bird, small president. pointing out that "sesame street" has assets of $289 million. and is heavily invested in hedge and private equity funds. why does it need a subsidy? on the campaign trail governor romney suggesting he is a little surprised that president obama couldn't find something more important to talk about. >> time like this for the president to get up and say, as he has over these last several days, that he's focused on saving big bird is kind of a strange thing in my view because see i'm focused on helping the american people get good jobs and brighter prospects. [applause] >> reporter: today's event, a town hall meeting at aerial corporation, makes natural gas come pros source. this was started in a fellow's basement with investment of 10,000. now employs 1200 people. it is real example of romney campaign would point out as we built it story. martha: thank you, john. see you later. these romney crowds are energized an been
trouble hearing what this you are talking about with his earpiece. i think the debate was obama's worst nightmare. and everybody knows that the women's vote is going to be very popular and not a lot of the candidates are sure how to reach out to him. >> go ahead, i'm sorry, nicole. >> they could do something radical by having one of their surrogates. which is the vp candidate, paul ryan, he could do a ladies night. [laughter] >> yeah, they could try that. we have secrets. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> i'm not one to speak for women. a lot of women that i speak you know, they have told me that this whole notion of a war against women, it was such an insult to their intelligence. mitt romney is looking to just destroy anything that women have made. neil: onto your thoughts on this. >> for his upcoming you came back across this subject. think about some of the war against women. this guy wants to take away everything that women have achieved over the last 30 or 40 years. on the other hand, you have a president that was one of the most striking debates i saw, was to
what? the shoe is on the other foot now. if barack obama blows it again like the first debate, i aagree with donny. that creates momentum that pushing mitt romney towards the finish line. >> we focus and talk a lot -- >> by the way, now it's left wingers who are filling my twitter feed calling me a bigot and calling all of us racists because we hate black people because we're saying the truth, mitt romney won the debate. the hatred is coming from the left and there's some desperation over there because obama has to stand and deliver, and nobody can do it for him. >> we focus on the numbers and polls and talk about them all day every day, perhaps too much. most americans during the course of their ordinary lives, to them the presidential election is a narrative. it's something they talk about occasionally, not all the time the way we do. but the narrative, the story drives the election for voters. the narrative this week and will it continue into next week is can the president recover? can he come back and be president on the stage with the contender mitt romney? if he can't and goes dow
obama recover? will governor romney will the president in the next debate as well, and what about that joe biden and paul ryan debate among my? the "a-team" is your >> i had not seen in the attack as such ferocity and intensity previously in libya, north my time with the diplomatic security service. i am concerned this attack signals a new security reality, just as the 1983 beirut marine barracks bombing did for the marines, the 1998 east africa embassy bombings did for the state department, and september 11th did for our entire country. lou: a new security reality. erica nordstrom top, the results security officer in libya testifying today before the house oversight committee, he contacted state department headquarters in both march and july of this year. he asked for additional security in benghazi. he received no response. a new fox poll shows only 37 percent of voters approved the way the president has and libya. 46 percent disapproved. joining us now to assess what is going on on the campaign trail and the foreign-policy of this country, the executive producer, co-writer, dir
about the debate. this is obama's reaction. >> the debate, fair to say i was too polite. hard to keep saying what you're saying isn't true. it gets repetitive. we'll see more activity. at the next one. biden will be terrific in the debate this week. >> kimberly: what do you make of this? >> eric: it's another excuse. romney lied and i was too nice. how about this? i blew it. it suck. move on. try to do it again next time. do better. >> greg: imagine a ball player saying i was too nice on the field. >> kimberly: we are looking for a president not someone to win most courteous. forget politeness. do your home work and have answers and ideas about what to do to fix the country in every category. >> dana: safe to overcorrect. we saw women in particular after that debate go to romney side. you are a jerk to mitt romney and the next debate, not going to reflect well. >> bob: what he said was telling about the next time it is not going to be the same way. part of that is biden. biden will go through ryan -- he will use a buzz saw on him. >> greg: actual one? >> dana: on friday you will say t
the convention or debate go away. they flatten out. by the way, i think obama with single women. but leaving that aside, romney did extremely well in getting himself positioned in the race. the question now, i don't agree. i'll say there is two more debates but he got himself back in the race. right now, if i had to bet, i would say it's literally a half a point. >> dana: thoughts on the poll? >> eric: if you throw the gallup poll up again. look at the date. that's in the debate. just after the debate. if you remember, the days after the debate, the swell, the ground swell of romney winning was bigger and bigger. that gap will widen. >> bob: gallup poll had obama up by six points. >> eric: it didn't have the post debate. >> bob: for one day. this is all post debate polling going forward. i think romney will open it up wider. >> dana: strategy wise, obama campaign made a big mistake, in just blowing off the debate and moving forward to create something else. instead, remember, romney brought up big bird at the debate? check this out. >> bernie madoff, ken lay, criminals, gluttons of greed and
clinton getting airborne there. does president obama need to be more like bill clinton in the debate, that type of realism to the voters that will watch. >> have you three south carolinians on the panel this morning. i want to point out this. we are going to talk about arkansan president. >> break out the pimento cheese. >> palmetto cheese? >> forgive me, i'm sorry. >> he's from baltimore. he's all orioles. >> to answer your question, this is a simple fact. mitt romney lied on the stage last wednesday. and bill clinton called him out on it. that's ironic and i won't say why. but the bottom lewin is that the president -- barnicle was right this morning on "morning joe." the president didn't look very presidential. he has a chance, two chances, to recover. vice president needs to boot him into it and that's what we are looking for. bill clinton is right. he has to call him on it. >> one other thing, first lady michelle obama was able to use the "sesame street" line and do so in a far more serious way than her husband did. at least what critics are saying. are we going to see a lot more
conventions. president obama made some gains after the dnc. mitt romney erase d those gains in the debate. so the race is back to where it was in august. eight years ago today, cnn poll after the first presidential poll put john kerry on top of george bush by one percentage point. the race is close. this should surprise no one in america. every vote is going to count. there's been bipartisan agreement about a close race for months. >> this race, as we say in the south, it's as tight as a tick on a dog and it's going to stay that way until november. >> nothing is set in concrete. >> this is a very tight race. we've always believed that there's very little elasticity in the election. >> when a race is this close, a small number of states become pretty dog gone important. no state is more important than the state of ohio with 18 electoral votes. three polls showed different results. one had mitt romney up, one president obama up. it's a vital state and the the candidates are going to have to fight for it hard. president obama held his 17th ohio campaign rally this evening. today is the last day
romney has been trying to shift back to the center ever since last week's debate. the obama campaign is pointing to what romney said to "the des moines register" on the issue of abortion. >> there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> reporter: contrast that with what he said at a town hall last year. >> what i would like to see happen would be for the supreme court to say, look, we're going to overturn rowe v. wade and return to the states whether they want to have abortion or not. >> severely conservative positions that got him through the gop primary are still there. now he's trying to cover them up. >> reporter: asked about those comments on abortion, a romney campaign spokeswoman released a statement to cnn saying the gop nominee will be a pro-life president. >> jim acosta in ohio traveling with romney. in just a few minutes we'll have some of my interview with mitt romney. also, we had an exclusive interview, we at cnn, with the republican running mate paul ryan. he's getting ready for thursday night's debate ag
second week. >> that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> while president obama is looking to get back on track and back into the lead. >> we cannot afford to be complacent and cannot afford to be cynical. >> just last month, the pew research poll had president obama leading mitt romney 51-43 percent. now, pew says romney is leading with 49% to obama's 45%. >> the projectry this race changed dramatically. >> romney's post debate gains are across the board. on likeability, romney trails the president by one point. women say they changed their view of romney. he is up 6 points while the president is down 9. romney gained among independents who changed their view of him while again the president is down. >> romney has proven, i think, a lot with this debate. he stood toe to toe with the president. again, his favorable image improved sharply. >> meanwhile, the ad war is also heating up. the producers of sesame street have asked the obama campaign to take down an ad featuring big bird. which mocks romney's pledge to defund pbs. >> big bird,. >> the romney campaign is hit
the obama campaign going to stop talking about the debate. they cannot se to turn the page from the debate. any conversation about that debate, i assume helped mitt romney. that is the realityhat is beginning to set in scores of new polls show governor romney now taking control of this race. gallop poll of likely vothers ha governor romney with a two point lea over the president nationally, and pew polling with a 4 point lead, and wiping out the president's 18 points september advantage with women. the two candidates are now tied at 47% with female voters. public policy polling today they left leaning polling has governor romney with a 2. lead nationally, the first time that gov hegovernor had a lead in thl all year, and rasmussen report, average of poll rults with 11 swing states, including florida, michigan, ohio and pennsylvania, shows goverr romney up on the presiden49 to 47%. resident obama has held the lead in poll for 17 of previous 19 days, that is all changed. we take all of that up here tonight. we'll talk with republican national committee communication director shawn spicer, wa
? >> that is why you're here. >> there has been so much panic since the last debate and i think michelle obama has a better view of this race than some of the pundits. andrew sullivan all by declared this thing over and he's a obama supporter. >> i believe it says here the election is november 6th. >> i've heard that, too. >> and there's a theory there that michelle is operating on. and the theory is that people are still listening and organizing on the ground involves telling people about the president's record to win. and if you look at the debate numbers, the most important one i think has been glossed over. when you ask independents about the debate, 70% said romney did better. that's a huge margin. but when you ask independents who do they like better? no change since the debate. all the indianas did think romney did better. but they are still listening and michelle obama is saying to everyone essentially, get out there and talk to these people and don't worry about all this anger and excitement and panic instead. >> in virginia today michelle obama did a reach back into the debate, into mitt
and panic instead. >> in virginia today michelle obama did a reach back into the debate, into mitt romney's pbs moment in the debate. let's listen to that. >> we believe in keeping our priorities straight. that we all know good and well that cutting sesame street is no way to balance a budget. >> krystal, that's the first mother talking. >> yes. you know, the conservatives are poking fun at the obama campaign. they're whining about the use of this talking point because i think what people took away from the debate were two things. that the president didn't do very well and big bird. those were the two big take aways. it was a long, technical, boring debate. it was the only line that really stood out and frankly it makes sense to use as an emblem of how mitt romney will not give any reasonable specifics about his plan. if you are giving a $5 trillion tax cut, how are you going to pay for it? and the only two things he could name in that debate were repealing obama care and cutting funding for pbs and big bird. >> he was on cnn tonight and he was asked about the specifics of the tax cuts, s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 214 (some duplicates have been removed)